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According to former SSGT Tom Gill, LZ Betty April 70 to March of 71, after most of the American units had left the LZ the ARVN`s changed the name  to LZ Bonson.

Main entrance arch on January 9th 2005

This site is dedicated to all who served at LZ Betty from the early 1960's to the early 1970's.  We came and left at different times, but we all traveled the same paths.
If you wish to be contacted by someone you served with. At the end of your guest book message please leave your e-mail address.
contact me at:  masterbryan@hotmail.com

The entrance gate as it looked in 2005 above. And below in 1969. Picture by Larry Morris 864th Eng.


Bryan Lagimoniere / Frenchy FNG B-Co Orderly Room March 1970


Picture taken by Joseph Long Chaplains assistant. East side green line . 1970.


Search lite on top of Whiskey Mountain. Picture provided by Larry Morris 864th eng.


Some of the assigned units:
(note : Most of all those listed below have pictures on this site ! )
2nd/7th Cav 1st Air Cav Div.- 3/506th Currahee`s 101st Abn Div
272nd MP Co support of 3/506th.- 630MP Company
363rd Aviation Detachment (Air Traffic Control)125ATC 1st AVN BGE
192nd Assault Helicopter, Co.
5th Bn 27th Field Artillary.- 1st Bn Mech. 50th Inf
2nd of the 1st Cav Iffv.-  55MID.- IFFV Task Force South.

568th Medical Company.- MACV.- 254th Med (HA).- 36th Sig Bn D-Co 1st Sig Bde.- 136th Medical Dispensary.- 191st Ordnance.- B-Co 116th Combat Eng.Bn Idaho Army National Gaurd, in support of the 192 AHC and 101st Abn Div.- 834th Air Division-Tactical Airlift S.E. Asia Airlift Sys-73rd Engr Co (CS), 864th Engr Bn Whiskey Mt / LZ Betty.- 241st FA Radar Detachment 8th Bn (TGT.ACO)26th Arty. 183rd RAC,- 247th Med Ha Dust off, 198th Med Det Attached to 192nd AHC.- 245th PsyOp Company Attached to the 2/7th Air Cav.- 542nd Signal co.,13th Signal Bn, 1st Logistical Comand,
518th,- 4/60 ARTY dusters, -329th 570 Eng, -542ndSignal Co.,
247th MRC, -14th Combat Eng.Bn- 18th Eng Brigade.

A/227th AHB & D/227th AHB 1st Cav. Div. in support of 2/7 Cav.
606th Ammo section in support of TFS /

1st Bn 327th inf 101st Abn Div, Alpha Batt. 1/21st.
97th Trans. Co 110 Lark Platoon 
14th Combat Engineers who replaced - B-Co 87th Engineers

Units in support of the 7th Cav,1st Cav. Div:
A/227th Slicks, 1D/227th Guns, 228th Chinooks, 1/9th Scouts
8th Engineers, Arty , forger unit.

AB8AY - Mars Phone Calls Home, 10th Trans Bn. 155Th, Trans co., 272 Mp. Co.

1Bn 7th Cav 1st Cav, A/227th (Slicks), 1D 227th (Guns),

228th (Chinooks), 1/9th (Scouts), 8th Engineers, Arty Forger Unit 


Sunrise in Phan Thiet Vietnam January 2005

Sunset over LZ Betty Jan 9th , 05

Frozen in time.  War room map at the President of Vietnam`s war room.  Shows area marked BL our AO. 


Erosion ditch as it was in 1970 / picture from Don Rainwater


Picture below North west corner of LZ Betty looking south. Picture by Larry Morris 864th Eng.


Picture below taken of the west side of LZ Betty looking east by Steve Vlossak of the 630th MP Co.


Another picture (below) of the LZ looking north. Picture by Larry Morris 864th Eng.


LZ Betty (the picture below) in 2005, Photo by Google earth.



Picture`s taken by Adam Bray 2005. Shows the same area 35 years later.



I arrived at LZ Betty in early March 1970.  I left in November of the same year.  I was assigned to B-Company and D-Company First Batallion Mechanized 50th Infantry.  My MOS was 11B20.  I returned to LZ Betty in January of 2005. 
Bryan Lagimoniere/Frenchy

Highway 1 west of Phan Thiet

The first tank to crash through the main gate of the Presidential Palace at the end of the war. Soviet made T-55, NVA Main Battle Tank


Many Vietnam websites are dedicated to particular military units. This website is dedicated to a place and time in our lives.

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